Live Blood Cell Analysis

Your Blood Doesn’t Lie 


The study of dried blood under a microscope is a window into the body showing the underlying health of the individual. There is a correlation between patterns in the blood and abnormalities in the body.  Livecell Microscopy has gained a great deal of popularity because of poineering scientists like Gasdton Nassens and Dr. Gunther Enderlein and their cancer research.  In fact, Livecell Microscopy was known in the early days of medicine as a way of diagnosing the presence of bacteria.

What is The Procedure?


One drop of blood will be put on a slide and immediately covered – therefore exposing it to environment only for 10-15 seconds.  Placed under dark field and phase contrast lenses, the elements of the blood are able to be viewed in a state as close to natural as possible.  We will be looking at the nutritional elements of your anatomy (like taking a soil sample). 

From this sample, we can see the size, shape, movement integrity of the red, and white blood cells and any unwelcomed presence of debris or opportunistic organisms in the body. 

What Can Blood Cell Analysis Reveal?

-Low levels of iron, protein, B12, folic acid and fatty acids

-Incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins, Digestive enzyme & Hydrochloric acid deficiencies

-Signs of liver stress, candida albican yeast, parasites, and hormonal imbalances

-Free radical cellular damage

-Atherosclerotic plaque

-Toxic heavy metals

-Poor circulation

-Cell size & shape abnormalities due to immune system disordesr

-Organ stress and toxicity

-Uric acid crystals & risk for gout

Dr. Dickson recommends all of her patients to have this assessment tool preformed, with the ultimate purpose being to improve sub-optimal dietary, lifestyle and nutritional patterns before any serious illnesses develop.  Dry blood cell analysis is a useful tool to track the progress of treatment.


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  1. Hello. I’m interested in the dark cell microscopy. I have Lyme disease and am wondering if you have any familiarity with this illness … Also could you please confirm the qualifications of the person analyzing the blood, and the cost and what it includes? Will it be available to view on a screen and/or a video?
    Thank you

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