Weight Loss / Body Consulting


The mechanism behind weight loss seems simple: exercise more, and cut calories, however there may be factors holding you back from reaching your goal weight, and more importantly, restoring your health.

Dr. Dickson takes a very comprehensive approach to weight loss, taking into consideration that each patient will have a unique reason as to why they cannot lose the weight.

The Metabolism Program/Weight Loss Assessment:

  • Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) – electrical impedance used to assess body composition including fluid balance, cellular preformance, toxic load, % fat, % lean tissue mass – Taking height, weight, waist and hip circumference into consideration.
  • Metabolism Lab Work– a comprehensive blood panel is needed to determine your exact metabolism. Based on these results, a nutrition plan is designed, geared towards reaching your goals, and optimizing your unique metabolism.  This program is not only for weight loss, other benefits include: increased vitality, improved well being, and disease prevention.
  • Salivary Hormones– if suspected hormal imbalance leading to difficulty losing weight. Including: low thyroid, high or low cortisol/stress, female hormone fluctuations etc.

Although the program will be tailored to suit each individual, an effective weight loss plan includes:

  • Individualized nutrition plan
  • Liver Detoxification- Enhancing liver function (your primary fat burning organ)
  • Herbs and foods to enhance fat burning abilities, and provide you with energy
  • Acupuncture, herbs and supplements to help cut down cravings, suppress your appetite to make you feel less of an urge to reach for food
  • Digestive support and healthy blood sugar regulation

MESOTHERAPY – medical procedure for localized fat/cellulite removal, effective alternative to surgery. Localized injections of natural products used to dissolve fat, and increase circulation for reducing cellulite.

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*treaments covered under most extended health care plans*